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The · Temple · of · the · Googlites

Home of those that worship the Mightiness that is Google

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I found this on the Bash feed this morning:

[David_0mega] google maps has taught me many things
[junkntrunk] such as?
[David_0mega] that my neighbor has a pool for one thing


edited to fix tags around names

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Lately, I've been really enjoying making labels for everyone and then setting up filters so that the mail sorts itself into the appropriate labels. I really dig gmail, and they just keep giving us more and more space. I feel a little guilty having so much room.
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All hail Google, It that is Mighty!

I did not know of Google's omnipotence until today when It called my attention to it and Lo! I was a True Believer! I needed a site that would tell me how many tablespoons were in a 1/4 of a cup so that I could make sweet, delicious microwaved cake. But Google did not provide a site. No! Google is much more Wise than that. Google told me Itself. And Lo! I fell down before my computer and Lo! there were tears of Joy in mine eyes.

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